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kampot FAQ

Where to stay in Kampot?

There are plenty of accommodation options in Kampot, from luxury hotels to more affordable guesthouses. Some popular places to stay include The Quay Hotel, Le Lotus Blanc and Bou Savy Guesthouse.

How easy is it to get around Kampot?

Kampot is a small city and very easy to get around on foot. You can also rent a bicycle or motorbike if you want to explore further afield.

What are popular food items and drinks in Kampot?

Some popular local dishes include green mango salad, amok (a fish curry) and prahok (a fermented fish paste). Rice noodles are also a common sight on menus. When it comes to drinks, Kampot is famous for its pepper-infused spirits as well as its locally-brewed rice wine.

What is there to do in Kampot?

Some top activities and attractions in Kampot include visiting the historic buildings in the Old Town, taking a sunset cruise on the river, exploring one of the many nearby caves or visiting the Kampot Pepper Plantation.

How to get to Kampot?

Kampot is accessible by both bus and train from Phnom Penh. The journey takes around 4 hours by bus and 5 hours by train. Alternatively, you can fly into Sihanoukville International Airport which is located about 2 hours away from Kampot by car.

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